In 1801, the Frenchman Joseph Marie Jacquard invented a power loom that could base its weave and design upon a pattern automatically read from punched wooden cards held together in a long row by rope. The jacquard loom simplified the process of manufacturing textiles with complex patterns such as brocade, damask and quilting. Modern jacquard looms are controlled by computers (in place of the original punched cards) and they can have thousands of hooks.

The threading of a jacquard loom is so labor-intensive that the process of re-threading can take days, and many looms are threaded only once.

Our Jacquard tablecloths and table runners are woven from a 100% cotton thread that has been treated with a fine Dupont© Teflon coating. This coating assists with stain resistance while maintaining the tablecloth’s soft feel and drape.

Jacquard tablecloths have a standard width of 160cm and are available in Square (160x160cm) and Rectangle (160x200cm, 160x250cm, 160x300cm, 160x350cm). We also stock matching table runners, table napkins and tea towels.

Jacquard Range