The Best of Both Worlds – French Linen
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If you had a check list for the perfect tablecloth, what would be on it?  A delicate cotton print which sumptuously recalls provincial France?  An item which can be used to entertain indoors or out, which is a breeze to clean and which will maintain its beautiful lustre for years to come?

Fortunately, our splendid coated tablecloths provide you with the ideal solution: a tablecloth which is delicate and beautiful, yet resilient.  Our lovely range of coated tablecloths offer you the same gorgeous designs that you would find with any of our pure cotton tablecloths while providing the wonderful convenience of easy cleaning and upkeep.

With a fine layer of acrylic coating the right side, these tablecloths are gentle to touch while maintaining a soft drape.  Spills can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth (no harsh chemicals needed) and coated tablecloths seldom require washing, which helps to ensure their longevity.

To freshen up your coated tablecloth it can be occasionally machine washed at 30C. Hang your tablecloth to dry in the shade with as few folds as possible, and when completely dry, iron on a cool setting on the reverse side to reactivate the coating. We do recommend the use of trivets and placemats as excessive heat can damage the coating and spoil the look of the fabric.

The coated cotton allows you to use your favourite tablecloths in a variety of settings - kitchens, dining and outdoor areas - without the fear of permanent damage caused by accidental spills.

For many of our customers, coated tablecloths have become their preferred tablecloth, since they represent the ‘best of both worlds’.