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You have been organising a family dinner and the night has come. A set menu, beautiful cutlery and the finest glassware is delicately placed upon your jacquard tablecloth. Moments before your guests arrive, you have a moment of reflection as you take in the beautiful scenery that bestows upon you. You carefully look over the setting and gaze upon the French Linen Jacquard tablecloth. The warm, subtle touch of the tablecloth and the cold, winter weather is the perfect setting for what is going to be a night of celebration. Elegantly crafted, Jacquard tablecloths are soft in touch and will drape beautifully over the edges of any table.


"MONTMIRAIL" Rectangle Jacquard tablecloth 

Invented in 1801 by renowned French silk weaver and entrepreneur Joseph Marie Charles dit (called) Jacquard, the Jacquard Loom changed the manufacturing industry. Having inherited the family weaving business from his father, Joseph Charles invented the loom that simplified the manufacturing of textiles with complex patterns. Using pasteboard cards with punched holes, the cards were made thick and had rectangular holes punched in them. A combination of hooks and needles were used to weave patterns into the fabric which were guided by the holes in the cardboard.

Designs and patterns may have changed, but quality craftsmanship remains the same. Jacquard tablecloths complement your already delicate linen and create a very warming atmosphere to your home. Whether you are planning a dinner party with friends, a Sunday roast with family or are celebrating a special birthday, we all like to celebrate these occasions with good food and drink. Not only do Jacquard tablecloths look aesthetically pleasing, they have a very subtle feel and will never go out of fashion as they are treated (not coated) with a DuPont Teflon based product that makes them resistant to stains and easy to launder while allowing them to feel like natural cotton. 

At French Linen, not only do we stock beautiful Jacquard tablecloths, our matching napery will complement your tablecloth. Inspired by fragrant lavender blooms that blossom in the Southern region of France during summer between June through to August, our Lavandine napkins and tea towels allow you visualise and connect with the scenery in the comfort of your home. With many designs, our range of napkins, placemats and runners are made from both 100% cotton Jacquard allowing you to find the right dining table accessories for your next gathering.

French Linen has a range of designs to suit every size table with tablecloth lengths from 160 to 350 centimetre. Whether you are planning a family dinner party, celebrating a loved one’s birthday or just want to change your table setting to give your dining room a warm, welcoming feeling during the winter months, you will definitely find the right tablecloth at French Linen.

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