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The virtue of a tablecloth is its prominence. A decorative accessory that unifies the components of any table setting. A table design is not limited to your basic cutlery, but rather a carefully selected tablecloth that can be incorporated into an entire stylised dining experience. One such style is that of French Country.

The French Country style of decorating fits beautifully into any home. When you think of the French countryside you're sure to see lavender fields with bright sunshine warming the colourful rural landscape. This spectrum of colours is mirrored in the simplicity of this decorative style. Sunny yellow and soft gold, fiery red and burnt rust, bright grass green and dark hunter moss, cobalt and soft ocean blue are all emphasised by the bright black and dull grey of accessory pieces. Rough, natural materials in stained and painted plaster walls, delicately carved wood details and rusty metal furniture and fixtures are all elements that bring the French Country style to life. To further radiate these natural colours, lush flowers, herbs and plants are littered inside and out, hanging on walls or placed in old pitchers, copper pots and clear glass vases.

These beautiful colours, patterns and natural aspects of the French countryside are the inspiration behind beautiful furnishings and fabrics such as the French linen, French country tablecloths and napery. French linen fabrics combine well with basic plaids, checks, and stripes in the home. Traditional French Country products and motifs include roosters, olives, sunflowers, grapes, lavender, and cicadas. All are beautiful elements that speak French Country.

When bringing all the elements together that contribute to the French Country style of decorating the resulting look is sincere, unearthing an enviable blend of elegance and humble simplicity found within rustic, European old-world aesthetic. Embrace the distinctive colours, shapes and patterns of our French Country range and discover a truly timeless and classic decor.