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There is nothing quite like the fresh burst of citrus to enliven any space: the lush radiance of juicy oranges and fragrant lemons connects us to the splendour of nature and its changing seasons.

At French Linen, we stock a beautiful range of citrus tablecloths, including round tablecloths, rectangle tablecloths, square tablecloths and Jacquard tablecloths, as well as coated tablecloths, which make cleaning up after your soirée a breeze. When combined with our citrus-designed napkins and table placemats, they offer a real visual feast.

Citrus Range

These beautiful tablecloths provide a wonderful focal point when incorporated into your dining room, lounge or bedroom suite. They are particularly favoured for celebratory occasions, such as birthdays and a variety of other social gatherings, because of the energy and freshness they exude. They masterfully balance the exuberance of nature’s bounty with the elegance you would expect from a French tablecloth.  

Our fresh linens draw inspiration from a small town on the French Riviera, located just 30 kilometers from Italy. In Menton, citrus is indeed cause for celebration - and what a celebration it is! Since 1928, Menton has been the home to the annual fête du citron (Lemon Festival). Held between February and March, the festival features around 150 tonnes of citrus channeled into a dazzling array of giant sculptures, floats and exhibitions. Each year incorporates a unique theme, which has ranged from Disney to ‘Music of the World’, and ’20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’.

Annual fête du citron (Lemon Festival)

Annual fête du citron (Lemon Festival)

Nestled in a crescent bay between the Côte d’Azur and the Maritime Alps, Menton enjoys an usually warm winter compared to much of the rest of France. Its unique position is home to several much-renowned varieties of lemon, famed for their shape and richness in essential oils. While Menton’s citrus output decreased for much of the 20th century (though it has enjoyed a recent revival), the fête du citron has continue to grow and grow - and is now the 2nd most popular festival after Nice on the French Riviera, drawing around 160,000 visitors annually to its balmy shores.

At French Linen, we honour the celebration of citron in our delicately crafted French tablecloths and napery. Whether you wish to warm your home in Winter, celebrate the arrival of Spring or simply add a splash of colour to your next get together, you’ll find the perfect addition at French Linen.

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